Custom rackets for pro players, plus tons of little improvements

We’re listening on Discord and got many of your requests into the new 1.8 release!

The default racket feel is now less bouncy and more grippy… You can change bot speed in rallies and matches… The ball trail length is adjustable… Overheads work with autorun and the drill lab… Balls will show outside of the portal… The portal can be made taller and wider… The hand controller doesn’t show with your racket… Assisted shots are speed capped… Multiplayer is more stable… There’s a new unlimited rally and volley rally

You can also adjust the foot circle size and disable its warning, but don’t blame us if you hit any walls 😬

Pro mode now lets you customize your racket appearance with color, pattern, string, handle, and spike combinations.  Remember you can try pro free for a day!

PRO TIP: Say “I’m a good sport” with spikes on your racket