Check out the Pro feature swap, autorun options and hitting improvements!

The one-time $14.99 Pro upgrade is now needed to start multiplayer and bot matches and more than the basic drills and rallies.  On the flip side, all players can now adjust extra activity options like ball speed, spin, aim, and wind to increase their challenge and score caps.  And free players can still get multiplayer requests, so if you go Pro you can play with friends and family who haven’t yet!

You can now move around the court in three ways.  FULL autorunning is useful together with one-controller mode for players with two-handed strokes.  RETURN only autoruns to line up returns, so you have control after hitting a shot until then.  MINIMAL gives you full control at all times but still helps in subtle ways. 

Finally we’ve worked with high-ranking tennis players to make CTT’s shot physics even better.  You can now place your shots consistently as expected every time, with higher-frequency controller tracking and more realistic string friction.


PRO TIP: Grip your controller tightly to swing like a real racket