Court Time Tennis is a labor of love, having been made over years of nights and weekends, so that YOU can enjoy and get better at tennis in virtual reality.

Early Access means the game is ready but doesn’t yet have all the features of a full release.  You’ll be able to play the entire game for no cost, with over 20 different drills, practice modes, and matches against a bot.  Earn stars to unlock new venues and grass and clay courts, and get new features automatically as I make them.

Click here to download and play it for free on your Meta Quest 1, 2, or Pro. 

If you get good enough and want to customize the difficulty and your own drills, then buy the $14.99 Pro Pass.  By that time I hope it feels like a steal, which is how the best “free to play” games have worked for me.

Try it or tell your friends that have Quest headsets, and leave a good review on the Meta Store if you like it!


Eric is an avid tennis player and videogame developer.  He spends his days making VZfit, another VR game you should play, even more awesome.