With Mixed Reality Portals, you can see your room and talk to friends while hitting and moving in Court Time Tennis! 

Let loose swings without worrying about breaking vases or punching walls, since you can see your own hands together with any extender or racket you’re using.

The portal is a window where the court and venue are on the outside, and you and your racket are on the inside, with the ball moving between the two.  It works by mixing the Meta Quest’s camera view, called “passthrough video”, together with virtual objects from the game.  

You can enable or disable it anytime from the options menu, by clicking the gear button in the navigation bar and then clicking the portal button.

PRO TIP:  Position the Court Time Tennis logo on the setup screen exactly where you want the portal before pressing the trigger to start the game.  You’ll get the best effect by lining it up with a wall in your room.