Challenge anybody currently playing to a match!

Lots of players have connected online with our random matchmaking, but there’s a new matchmaking system that makes it easier to engage other players.  The MULTIPLAYER button now takes you to a lobby showing all current online players who you can choose to challenge.  You can look for your friends, or you can sort players by their rating and distance (which affects how much lag you’ll have).  This is similar to how Eleven Table Tennis matchups work.

The challenged player will get a popup menu (when they aren’t in the middle of a point) to choose their response.  YES will take you both to a multiplayer session.  NO will politely decline, and LATER says you will try to find them later.  The game will automatically decline if the player is already in a match or if they’ve disabled match requests from the OPTIONS menu.

PRO TIP:  You no longer have to worry about choosing a server region.  The new system shows players from every region, and automatically determines the best server for a match to minimize ping times.

Since the last update you will also see RATING LEADERBOARDS for both bot matches and live matches!  You go up and down them by winning or losing matches, which is how the USTA ranks actual players.  Note you have a separate rating against bots and live players because they’re so different.