Play and practice with others online using your Meta Avatar!

For those of you with enough practice hitting and covering the whole court, you can now select MULTIPLAYER from the main menu to pair off with someone who has done the same.

The game uses your Oculus Avatar in first person to see your arms,  and in multiplayer where you can voice chat with lipsync.  If you haven’t setup your Oculus Avatar do so from your Profile in the Oculus dashboard.

You can coordinate with a friend or find someone on our Facebook or Discord sites who can play at the same time.  Once you join up in game, practice a bit together before playing a match, just like real life.

PRO TIP:  Choose a server region from the options menu that’s between both players for the lowest latency.  You’ll only connect with other players on the same server.

We also made a scoring change with this release to better balance Pro and regular players on the leaderboards.  We tuned most of the difficulty multipliers down and now let you end up with a fractional total multiplier.  Base scores for targets are now higher so you could now have a 1.7X multiplier on a 30-point target to give you 51 points.

Finally, players can now tune their virtual racket’s bounce and grip in the options menu, to account for differences in controller feel vs their actual racket. 


That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight!