Venues and surfaces are now unlocked from start, and you can play with two-handed swings.

Previously you had to unlock new venues and court surfaces by earning stars, but we decided they should be available from the start.  The club and arena venues have an overhead TV that helps you hit targets.  And the clay and grass surfaces affect ball bounces, they aren’t just pretty!

Players with two-handed backhands can play the game with a single controller attached to an extender or their real racket.  Just toggle “one controller” in the options menu and you’ll be able to move and toss with your racket controller instead of your non-racket controller.

For people who just want to hit around with no gameplay, the menu button on the left Quest controller now toggles menus in all modes, not just play modes.  Do it from the main menu and you’ll be able to just move around and hit without any scoring.  

PRO TIP: For maximum immersion, set the “auto navbar” option to hide it when playing.  It will reappear when you toggle menus back on.