Start your Pro Trial to use the Drill Lab and customize activities including wind!

You can now try the Pro Pass free for a day to unlock all the purple buttons you see in menus.  Start the trial after you’ve gotten the hang of Court Time Tennis and want to get the most out of it.

Drill, rallies, matches, and the wall have Pro options to increase their challenge and reward potential.  For instance you can change ball speed, spin, interval, and wind in Drills, or aim to your backhand or make you run in Rallies.  Harder options have commensurate score multipliers, so your mastery will be reflected on leaderboards and stars.

The Drill Lab lets you fully customize and save your own drills.  Setup the ball machine, targets, and your position and swing exactly how you want.  Sequence up to four different shots with one or multiple balls each.  Give settings a random range to not see the same shot every time. 

PRO TIP: After your trial, buy the Pro Pass for only $14.99.  It’s a lot cheaper than a single tennis lesson.

The greatest new Pro feature is that you can now control the wind!  Set its speed and direction up to hurricane levels in the Drill Lab, or choose dynamic preset levels in other activities.  Wind realistically affects balls coming to and from you, which can be judged from their preview paths as well as by air particles, sound, and trees shaking. 


Click “Go Pro” in the nav bar then “Free Trial” to start your 24 hour trial