Run around and hit balls in Passthrough Venues with real rackets!

Court Time Tennis is normally played in your room with automatic or joystick movement.  Now you can play its virtual drills, rallies, and matches in actual environments that you yourself run around.

Passthrough view shows anything you could trip over, and the Quest will track you over the entire court.  Indoor tennis or basketball courts work best, although outdoors is also possible with the Meta Quest Pro. 

PRO TIP: Draw your guardian as wide as possible or disable it in Developer mode for the most freedom.

On top of playing in real spaces, you can also play with a real racket. Attach your Quest controller to one and choose the Calibrate Grip option to align your virtual and real racket in passthrough view.

Real rackets will make you truly appreciate Court Time’s realistic physics and ability to improve your game.  They are a natural fit with Passthrough Venues, but you can also use them safely in a large room or garage with mixed reality portals.


Align the virtual court with your environment by recentering with the Quest home button.